11 Major Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms you Should Note

Vitamins are a must for our bodies to function properly. Although, all kinds of vitamins have their own importance some vitamins are more important and useful than the others. One of these more important vitamins for our bodies is the Vitamin D. This vitamin protects us from a host of health problems and also makes our bones strong by using the calcium from the diet. Unlike other vitamins, it actually works like a hormone does and the body cell has a receptor for it. A deficiency of Vitamin D from the body can be hazardous to health. It can cause diseases like Rickets, causing soft bones, and skeletal deformities.

11 Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin D deficiency leads to glucose intolerance and in rare cases multiple sclerosis. It is necessary to consume foods rich in Vitamin D if you start noticing the symptoms. But most times, we are so busy with our lives that we just tend to ignore Vitamin D deficiency symptoms. So here we have compiled a list of 11 major Vitamin D deficiency syndrome which will occur if your body had a deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Often getting Sick or Infected

Vitamin D improves the immunity system of your body, hence helping your system to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria. But if your body is going through this Vitamin D deficiency symptom, then your immune system will become weak and you will get sick or infected more often.

Always feeling Tiredness and Fatigue

There can be many reasons for fatigue and tiredness. Normally, your body will feel tired after it does some work. But if the tiredness persists, then it can be Vitamin D deficiency fatigue. Often people ignore this fact, but one should keep this in mind and increase their Vitamin D intake.

Having pain in Bones

Since Vitamin D helps your body in the consumption of calcium, it thereby improves your bone health. But if you have a deficiency of Vitamin D in your body, then calcium will not get properly absorbed, and hence your bone health may suffer, making you feel pain the bones.

Going through Depression

In the latest study, it has been discovered by the researchers that a deficiency of Vitamin D can increase depression levels, especially in adults. In the research, most people who were going through Vitamin D deficiency depression were found to have a deficiency of Vitamin D in their body. Also, supplementing Vitamin D to these people considerably improved their mood.

Hair Loss

Although hair loss has been associated with increased stress levels, if the hair loss is severe, then it will certainly be due to a disease or nutrient deficiency. The most probable cause is the deficiency of Vitamin D. Especially for women, excessive hair loss can be directly related to Vitamin D deficiency hair loss, as this is one of the common Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women.

Pain in Muscles

Muscle Pain can be due to a lot of reasons and it is really difficult to pinpoint an actual cause for it without having some tests. But in a research, it has been found that 71% of people who go through muscle pain have a deficiency of Vitamin D in their bodies. Also, supplementing it improved their condition. Hence, muscle pain can be a signal of Vitamin D deficiency. Also, this is one of the common Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in men.

Bone Loss

If you are wondering can Vitamin D deficiency cause joint pain and swelling, then the answer is yes. Vitamin D plays a huge role in bone metabolism and maintains bone health. Many older people who think they are struggling with bone loss i.e. a decrease in their bone mineral density then it is due to a deficiency of Calcium in their bodies. But in most cases, it is because of calcium not being properly absorbed due to Vitamin D  deficiency.

Slow/Impaired Wound Healing

If your wounds take a lot of time to heal after injury or even a surgery, then it is one of the biggest symptoms of deficiency of Vitamin D in your bodies. Vitamin D releases compounds which heal skin and if it takes a lot of time, then clearly your body doesn’t have much of Vitamin D.

Muscle Twitching

If your muscles twitch more on regular basis and cause you a lot of pain, then it is also an indicator that you are Vitamin D deficient. Also known as fasciculations, the ionized calcium gets reduced in this due to Vitamin D deficiency and causes twitching of muscles regularly.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Though deficiency of Vitamin D in itself cannot cause cardiovascular diseases, the people suffering from such diseases have been found to be having low Vitamin D, which shows that such diseases are an indicator of low Vitamin D in your body.

Gut Trouble

This is one of the major Vitamin D deficiency symptoms. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and if your gastrointestinal condition is bad and your ability to absorb food is weak, then you might have Vitamin D deficiency.

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