8 Most Unbelievable Benefits of Safflower Oil – The Reasons You Must Start Using It

If you ask me what is safflower oil, the shortest answer might be the best natural herb to lower cholesterol levels, lose weight, maintain a healthy blood sugar level, improve hair condition, improve skin, control muscle contraction, decrease the chances of PMS, and strengthen the body’s immunity system. And it doesn’t end here. Safflower oil has hundreds of benefits if not thousand. In different ways, safflower oil benefits the body internally and externally.Safflower Oil Benefits

Safflower Oil Benefits that You Won’t Believe

This extremely valuable oil is extracted from safflower seeds. The use of this plant has been found from the time of Greeks & Egyptians. Though today, almost 60 countries around the world cultivate this crop, but the overall amount of this herb per annum is not that large. It’s only 600000 tons per annum around the world. Check out the ultimate benefits of safflower oil below:

Healthy Heart

Very high amount of body essential omega-6 fatty acids also known as Linoleic acid has been found in safflower oil. The linoleic acid helps the body keeping a desired and healthy balance of cholesterol, thus decreasing the chances of developing atherosclerosis. It also minimizes the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

Control Diabetes

In today’s busy lifestyle maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is not lesser than a challenge. The linoleic acid present in safflower oil helps in controlling and managing a healthy blood sugar level. This oil not only helps diabetic patients keeping their blood sugar in control but also can prevent developing diabetes in a healthy person.

Weight loss

Surely most of us have tried different techniques to reduce our body weight. The Safflower Oil for weight loss is not new to the world infect it is very popular for reducing body fat without any side effect. The omega-6 fatty acids present in safflower oil helps in burning body fat. This vegetable oil is used in many food items and widely used by diabetic people to reduce weight in a healthy way having minimum changes in their daily diet. Including safflower oil for diet can help reduce the chances of diabetes, help in losing weight, and can keep the heart healthy.

Healthy Skin

The safflower oil for skin has replaced the use of chemical products to a remarkable level.  A large number of people have switched to this Ayurveda product. The high amount of linoleic acid present in safflower oil helps in improving the skin quality and appearance by making it brighter, shiner and flawless. If you apply safflower oil to your face, it gets combined with sebum (An oily secretion of the sebaceous glands) to unclog the pores that help in reducing those ugly looking blackheads. Using safflower oil for skin also helps in reducing acne and the chances of other skin diseases.  Besides this, the linoleic acid works to regenerate new body cells clearing up the blemishes and scars from the skin surface making you look younger and attractive.

Hair Health

Safflower oil is also loaded with hair and scalp beneficial vitamin – oleic acid. The oleic acid helps in increasing circulation on the scalp resulting in healthy hair growth rate and strengthens the follicles. Safflower oil in foods also results in same.


None but only a woman will know the pain & irritation of menstruation. The linoleic acid present in safflower oil helps in regulating the prostaglandins in the body causing hormonal fluctuations during menstruation. It is found that safflower oil may reduce the severity of PMS and also can regulate the menstrual cycle, working as a natural hormone supplement, without having any serious side effects.


Using safflower oil in cooking can leave a huge positive impact on your health. Use just 1 Tbsp as cooking oil or salad oil every day. Use it for minimum 1 month and you will notice the body improvement for sure.


The average amount of safflower oil has approximately 120 calories whose 100 percent comes from fat. Most of them are from polyunsaturated fat known as one of the good fat. Besides this, safflower oil is also rich in body essential Vitamin E. In a single tbsp of this oil, approximately 4.5 mg of Vitamin E is present which fulfills 30% of the daily needed amount. The safflower oil capsules are also found the market as Vitamin E supplement. As it has been mentioned safflower oil loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, this helps in keeping the brain and heart healthy.

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