Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicines to Get Rid of Diabetes – The Lifeline for Sugar Patients

With ever changing lifestyles that have added to the already brimming tension, depression and hectic schedule, more and more people are getting affected by this disease known as diabetes. Conventional people still opt for Ayurveda and it has been on top of the choices for the cure of diseases. As the number of diabetes patients is increasing day by day, the need for alternative methods to cure diabetes is also increasing manifold. Diabetes can be cured to a great extent with ayurvedic medicines and that too, without leaving a side-effect which most other medicines do. Several ayurvedic medicines to get rid of diabetes have been given by mother nature to us.

People with acute diabetes inject painful insulin injections before every meal they take. However, having ayurvedic medicines can keep the patient away from such pain and mess. The treatment of diabetes through Ayurveda has been documented since long and there have been proven results as well. The ayurvedic herbs have been clinically proven to efficiently reduce the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.Ayurvedic medicines to get rid of diabetes

Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicines to Get Rid of Diabetes

Ayurveda terms ‘Diabetes mellitus’ as Madhu Meha. Diabetes is a disease which affects almost every vital organ of our body and leads to dangerous side effects and hence it is also termed as ‘maharoga’ or the major disease in Ayurveda. Ayurveda medicines contain such herbs which help in lowering down blood sugar level in your body by regulating the metabolism of certain carbohydrates. It also efficiently regulates the sugar absorption by the body. Insulin secretion which is the main cause of diabetes is regulated by these herbs which are present in good amounts in ayurvedic medicines. These herbs also improve the sensitivity to the hormone insulin. Different kinds of Ayurveda medicines can be used for successful treatment of diabetes.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre, also known as gurmar, is one of the most sought-after medicines which can do wonders in regulating the blood sugar level in your body. The efficiency of this ayurvedic plant has been proven chemically in clinics and has turned out to be really effective in controlling diabetes. The Gymnema plant is basically a large climbing branch that is mostly found in dry forests in India. Gymnema blocks the sugar absorption by the intestine and also stimulates the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. When you will put it on your tongue, it will block the sweetness. It is claimed that intake of Gymnema can considerably reduce the ingestion of insulin during insulin therapy and hence reduces dependence on the intake of insulin to cure diabetes.


Commonly known as kundru or the ivy gourd has many health benefits one of which includes control of blood sugar level or diabetes. Compounds in this plant are claimed to inhibit the glucose-6-phosphatase. It is one of the key liver enzymes that regulate the blood-sugar level. It helps to prevent the sudden surge of sugar in the body after the intake of carbohydrates. Since diabetes affects all the vital organs of the body, this herb protects all such vital organs from the ill-effects of blood-sugar rise.


Commonly known as Neem, Azadirachta has a great medicinal value and the seeds and leaves of this plant have been proven effective in regulating the blood sugar level. It can either be used individually or mixed with herbs to reduce glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. It can also reduce the risk of diabetes in high-risk patients. Neem leaf extracts regulate blood circulation in blood vessels by dilating them and also reduces the dependence on hypoglycemic drugs.  Hence, Neem can be treated as an anti-diabetic drug with no potential side-effects.


Momordica-Charantia, commonly known as the mulberry is yet another potent anti-diabetic drug. It is also known as the bitter gourd. It actually increases the insulin secretion by the pancreas by improving the number of beta-cells in the pancreas. It can even reverse the pancreatic damage. It may efficiently aid in the multiplication of beta-cells in the pancreas and controls the blood sugar level or the glucose level which is very important after intake of carbohydrate just like sweet mashed potatoes etc.

The pancreas secretes enough insulin to deal with this overload, but at times when this secretion is required more often, our body cells become resistant to insulin and this might lead to a very dangerous situation which needs to be checked immediately. Mulberry significantly reduces the fasting glucose blood sugar levels and the cholesterol levels in our body. Since being overweight is yet another cause of diabetes, mulberry helps reduce weight by controlling the metabolism and limiting the cholesterol level in our bodies.


The seeds and fruits of this plant can significantly control the blood sugar level or the glucose level by the stimulation of the secretion of the insulin by the pancreas. Since diabetes can adversely affect the kidney of the patients, this ayurvedic plant saves the kidney from dysfunctioning. When a person suffers from diabetes, the rate of wound healing reduces considerably. Eugenia-Jambolana increases the wound-healing procedure. This plant controls the metabolism of carbohydrates in our body and leads to stimulated secretion of insulin. The blood circulation is also increased by dilating the blood vessels. This plant has been clinically proven to reduce the glucose levels in our body just after the intake of carbohydrate rich diet.

Our Views

These Ayurveda medicines tend to control significantly the blood-sugar level without posting any potential side-effects. The research for proper formulation of anti-diabetes drug using ayurvedic herbs and plants is still on but many ayurvedic-plants have proven successful in curing diabetes to a good extent. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. The overdose of medicines and insulin might pose adverse side effects on our lifestyle and on our body organs too.

Sometimes even overdose of insulin and anti-diabetic drugs can lead to dangerous consequences and sometimes even failure of several vital body organs. Hence, it is very important to find various alternative ways to cure this deadly lifestyle disease. Ayurveda still is a mystery box and attaining new heights in curing diseases with every passing day. Ayurveda has opened up the world of new possibilities and in time to come, hopefully, will pave a way to healthier and fit people.

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