16 Surprising Beauty Tips of using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Unbelievable Benefits and Uses

Vaseline, the ‘Petroleum Jelly‘ in a tiny blue bottle is one of the most important beauty products that one can have. It’s a staple in ladies’ bags and despite appearing to be of minimalistic use, this cheap little Jelly has gazillions of uses so to say. It’s hard to believe that it can have so many uses but so is the truth. In the following lines, we are going to reveal 16 awesome beauty tips using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. So read along to discover some cool Vaseline Petroleum Jelly benefits and beauty hacks for yourself.

Unbelievable Uses and Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

Before we start, we find it our duty to tell what exactly Vaseline is? You may all have heard the name, but might be unaware of the ingredients it is made up of. Well, it is as the name says, a Petroleum Jelly, which is made up of various minerals, oils and waxes. Now let’s know about the unbelievable uses and benefits of Petroleum Jelly.Petroleum Jelly Uses for Skin, Face, Hair, Lips, Eyebrows, Nails, Wounds

1- A Great Lip Balm

It may be awful in taste, but if you have dry and chapped lips, especially during winter, then look no further as Vaseline will soothe them within hours of application. It is one of the best Petroleum Jelly beauty hacks, isn’t it?

2- The Perfect Moisturizer

Struggling from dry skin? There’s no need to spend on costly moisturizers. Just slather a thin layer of Vaseline over your body and say goodbye to dryness.

3- Remover for Eye Makeup

If you ever run out of make-up remover, just use a little Vaseline and it’ll do the job quickly and efficiently as well.

4- A Soothing Scrub

You can take Vaseline, mix it with little sea salt, and this easily you can have one great scrub at your disposal.

5- Night Cream

While it may not be a perfect replacement for your night cream, but if you don’t have one anytime, then Vaseline can more than do the job for you.

6- Manicure Protector

Apply some Vaseline at the base of your nails before applying polish over them. This will ensure that the color lasts longer.

7- Highlighter

One of the great beauty benefits of Petroleum Jelly is to give your cheeks or under eye area a dewy look or to highlight the makeup used on them, you can definitely use a pinch of Vaseline over the area.

8- Elbow Softener

Elbow is an area which is usually pretty roughed up. Worry no more as just a little Vaseline can soften it up and make it look perfect, making it another Vaseline Petroleum Jelly uses for skin.

9- Lip-gloss

If you want your lips to have a shiny and glossy look, then you don’t need a lip glosser as Vaseline can do a perfect job for you.

10- Ensures Long Lasting Fragrance

The worst things about perfumes is that the fragrance lasts for a very short time. But by applying some Vaseline on the area where you have to apply perfume, you can ensure that the fragrance lasts longer.

11- Works as a Conditioner

One of the amazing Petroleum Jelly benefits for hair is that you can apply some Vaseline to your hair before shampooing them, which will make your hair soft and shiny.

12- Lip Exfoliant

One of the excellent Petroleum Jelly benefits for lips is that you can apply it to your lips and scrub them with a brush and this will give you smooth and soft lips which you crave for.

13- Use before Shaving

Apply a little Vaseline before you shave. It will not only prevent cuts and marks, but will also ensure that you have a smooth skin afterwards.

14- Tame Unruly Eyebrows

If you struggle with unruly brows, then you have an easy solution on your hands. Just apply a little Vaseline over your eyebrows and light comb them into place. Easy, isn’t it?

15- A Great Face Cream

You can save spending on buying a face cream by using Vaseline. Just put it in a microwave for 10 seconds and your night cream with various benefits is ready.

16- Fingernails Protector

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has health benefits as well. You can apply Vaseline on your fingernails to make them resilient from breaking. It also makes the cuticles soft and clean.

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