Why it is Important to go for ECG Test – What’s Cooking Inside your Heart?

In today’s world, we are leading quite a hectic life. Morning office to evening meetings everything has kept us glued to our desks and thus it leaves no room for the recreation of human well-being. This leads to the development of stress in human minds which may actually cause pressure in mind and indirectly to heart. ECG refers to electrocardiograph which is a kind of medical test and detects the abnormalities in the heart by measuring its beat count or conductivity when it contracts. It can even diagnose a range of problems ranging from heart enlargement to coronary heart diseases. This is why it is important to go for ECG test once in a year.Why to Go for ECG Test

How is ECG Test done?

ECG is a type of medical test which can be done with the help of a machine termed as an electrocardiograph. During this test firstly small sticky electrodes are applied to the chest, shoulders, and sides of lower chest or hips of the patients. While the other end of the wire is connected to the machine so that patient gets connected to it and results can be displayed about how the heart of the patient is working. Now after the connection of electrodes, electrical activity is actually passed through the human body and you would be required to stay still for a moment. The nurse or technician present during the test would easily record ECG through the machine and the results of the test get printed on the paper.

Why ECG Test is Done – Why it is Important to Go for ECG Test?

There are various reasons owing to which individuals are suffering from heart diseases and some of the major reasons are high cholesterol or high blood pressure. There are many such diseases which may directly or indirectly lead to heart diseases. Heart problems have been considered as a big issue these days and can be spotted in various individuals around the world. If you closely witness an individual, then one can easily spot out a person of age 53 suffering from heart disease and it would be surprising to see that same can be spotted in a child whose age is just 15.

Heart: Critical Body Part that is Monitored through ECG Test

The heart is termed as one of the major organs in our body, and it supplies the whole body with blood which all of us require during every moment of the day. People these days fail to understand the value of life. Youngsters nowadays are usually attracted to oily food items and also follow a wrong practice of living by getting addicted to cigarettes or other harmful things. One is aware of its harmful effects but still keeps consuming it forgetting the side effects it can cause to a human body. These little things are causing immense damage to bodies of the people. The junk left out of cigarettes gets accumulated in the lungs which cause an adverse effect on the heart and same happens with consumption of junk food. Another important reason for having ECG is the problem of overweight which is hugely faced by the people all around the world.

Types of ECG Test

There are basically three types of ECG which can be carried out to cure the patient’s problem. All the heart’s diseases can be easily diagnosed to a certain limit through ECG. The major types of ECG programs are-

Resting ECG

There are many ways by which a doctor can calculate your ECG but the most favorable one is resting. If you possess a doctor who is actually interested in calculating or watching how your heart is working when you are at rest, then you will be allowed or we can say to rest down and relax while in the meanwhile the heartbeat is getting recorded and the graph generated for the ECG.

Exercise ECG

On the other hand, your doctor or the heart specialist may also be interested in watching how your heart actually reacts to activities in which your body muscles tend to work. In this case, you will be asked to maybe take a long walk or run on a treadmill so that the doctor may go ahead to take your heart’s readings for ECG.

24 hour ECG

Sometimes when the patient’s heart is deteriorating gradually and the doctors are unable to understand the actual problem behind it, they all go for this type of ECG treatment. In this process, the doctor asks the patient to wear the small electrocardiograph machine for exact 24 hours. The recordings taken down by the machine would be automatically recorded. The doctor could easily go through the recordings once you return the machine to the doctor.

Heart Problems Diagnosed By ECG

There are various heart problems which can be easily cured out with the help of an ECG. Some of these are listed below-

  1. Abnormal rhythm of the heartbeat
  2. Heart inflammation
  3. Poor blood supply
  4. Imbalances in the blood chemicals that actually control our heart functioning
  5. Enlargement of the heart
  6. High or low blood pressure
  7. Cardiac arrest in the body
  8. Congenital heart defects involving the conducting system

A person who actually suffers from a heart problem may get a normal and suitable ECG test if the condition of the patient does not hinder the electrical conductivity. As we all know after every test there are restrictions but in this case, there are simply no restrictions on food or drink prior to the test. All you need to do is tell or convey your doctor what medications you are taking before you have an ECG.

Our Views

A heart is a major part of the human body. One must learn how to take care of it. A person suffering from a heart problem is equally responsible himself as they blame the surroundings. Youth now should prevent them from excessive junk food and obviously smoke. Cigarette smoking is actually very injurious to heart. All the heart problems people are suffering is the result of their deeds. ECG can diagnose heart problems to an extreme limit but as we know that no device in this world can actually diagnose a person completely. So, preserve and cherish your life always.

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