6 Yoga Asanas to Increase Sperm Count: Natural Treatment for Male Infertility

Yoga has been used as a tool for staying healthy and keeping fit since medieval times. The benefits of doing regular yoga range from the increase in stamina to immune your body against diseases. However, one of the biggest health benefits for a male to do yoga is it helps to increase sperm count in their body. The sperm count is the measure of the sperms which are present in the body. A number of habits and health problem including excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, obesity, and high blood pressure lead to a low sperm count.

Yoga Asanas to Increase Sperm Count: Enhance Sperm Motility Naturally

One question that is frequently asked is how to increase sperm motility? To increase the sperm count in your body some new sex pills for men can be used with natural treatments like yoga. Here are the best yoga exercises to increase sperm count.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika PranayamaThe very first yoga asana to combat low sperm motility is the Bhastrika Pranayama. Sit in the posture of padmasana, hands on your knees, and eyes closed. Exhale through both of your nostrils with full force and inhale the air inside to make sure that your lungs expand to full capacity. Form a rhythmic pattern to this asana by slowly increasing your speed every time. Perform it for 30-40 times at a stretch. Though it may not show results early, have several other benefits in long run apart from enhancing the sperm count.

Sethubandh Asana

Sethubandh AsanaOne of the best yoga exercises for male infertility is the Sethubandh asana. In this exercise, you will need to lie flat on your backside with your hands close to your hips. Gradually pull your feet back to bend your legs at knees and lifting the middle portion of the body from the ground while breathing in the air. Keep your head, neck, and shoulders firmly on the ground. Hold the posture for as long as you can and slowly return to the starting position.

Dhanur Asana

Dhanur AsanaIf someone asks you the question about how to improve sperm motility, then you can show them this great yoga exercise to increase sperm thickness. It is known as the Dhanur asana. To perform this exercise, lie flat on your stomach on the ground. Slowly raise your legs and hold them by the ankles. Now, raise the lower part of the body and your chest simultaneously from the floor while breathing in as much air as you can so that the stomach is the only part of your body which touches the ground.

Ashwani Mudra

Ashwani MudraThe Ashwani Mudra is one of the most common fertility yoga poses. This exercise is very ideal for men who are looking to increase the sperm production in their bodies. For this exercise, you will have to sit in the sukhasana position with your back straight and eyes closed. Slowly, pull the lower abdominal muscles of your body and your anus up and hold the posture for about a second before relaxing. Repeat this asana hundred times a day while keeping a firm focus on muscular contraction and relaxation.

Agnisar kriya

Agnisar kriyaOne of the most common questions on the mind of most men out there is how to increase sperm count fast? While things take the time to happen, few yoga asanas help your body in a better way than others for male infertility. The Agnisar Kriya asana is one of them. In this exercise, keep your feet planted firmly on the ground at shoulder width distance. Slowly, bend forward and hold your knees with your hands while keeping your tummy loose. Completely exhale all the air out of your body. Pull your stomach inwards and holding the breath out for as long as possible.

Hal Asana

Hal AsanaThis is probably the most difficult asana on this list and the most effective yoga for fertility asana. For Hal Asana, lie straight on your backside on the ground. Stretch your body as much as you can while keeping your hands by your side. Breathe air inside your body and raise your legs till they are perpendicular to your waist. Keep your head firmly on the ground and raise your waist using hands so that your legs stretch beyond your head and touch the ground behind the head.

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