How to Cure Bad Breath – Top 7 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Smell from Mouth

One thing that is totally humiliating and not at all socially acceptable in today’s world is the remains of food remain stuck in your teeth after a meal. But there is something which is considered to be much worse than that, having a bad breath. Most people instantly turn off against people who have bad odor emanating from their mouths. Obviously, the issue of bad breath is not a serious emergency but about 30 percent of the whole world’s population still suffers from it and they are looking for ways on how to cure bad breath.Ways to Cure Bad Breath

What causes Bad Breath?

Most common practices that cause bad breath are dental cavities, poor oral hygiene, and gum diseases. The researchers have proved that our mouth houses hundreds of living bacteria on the tongue or just below our gumline. These bacteria along with other infections such as sinusitis or lactose intolerance may also result in a stale breath. Besides, our food habits can also cause bad breath. The food such as Garlic, Onions, and Alcohols can leave traces of bad breath while the regular smokers also suffer from temporary breath problems.

How to Cure Bad Breath?

Most of our readers are regularly asking us for ways on how to get rid of bad breath. So today, we provide you with 7 of the best bad breath remedies to get rid of your stale smell problems in your mouth:

Checking the Spice out of Cloves

Cloves are the best remedies for bad breath and chuck out the problem from your mouth. They are highly rich in Eugenol, a very potent antibacterial. Just put a single clove into your mouth and grind your teeth. It might initially burn a little due to the pungent aromatic oil but the burn will subside as you keep on chewing. After you make sure the whole essence is permeated in your mouth, spit out the clove. Also keep in mind not to use clove oil or powdered cloves as they can cause burns in your mouths.

Chew on Cardamom, Anise Seeds, Dill or Fennel

The cinnamon stick is another great antiseptic to great rid of bacteria in your mouth like the cloves. Anise is very useful as it kills the bacteria which grow on your tongue, keeping it clean. Others are quite handy for Halitosis cure. Usage of these spices once a day can act as a cure for bad breath in adults without the need to even visit a doctor to ask for help.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Other top bad breath home remedies include starting your day rinsing your mouth for 30-seconds alcohol-free mouthwash when you get up each morning. Most of the off-the-shelf products you will find in the market will contain traces of Alcohol, so try to avoid those products. As a home-made remedy, mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup full of water and add some drops of antimicrobial peppermint oil. Yield your mouth with several rinses but avoid swallowing the mixture.

Choose the Perfect Toothpaste for You

Don’t go out picking any toothpaste you can find in the market. Always keep in mind to choose the toothpaste that would actually help you in tackling your problems. The toothpaste which contains traces of tea-free oil in them might just be the perfect match for you. The tea-free oil acts as a great disinfectant to stop the growth of the bacteria in your mouth, besides, solving your problem of stale smell from your mouth. You can easily find tea-free oil toothpaste in most pharmacy or health stores across your city, and it could very well prove to be the best toothpaste for bad breath removal for you.

Keep your Teeth Free of Chewing Gums

Yes, you heard it right. The chewing gums also add to the growth of bacteria and presence of bad breath in your mouth. The sugar in the chewing gums combines with the saliva in your mouth to increase the bacteria levels in your mouth. Try to avoid chewing gums or if you couldn’t keep your hands off one, go for sugarless or sugar-free chewing gums which might be much better for your mouth and provide you with a cure for bad breath.

Eat Healthy Food

Most dentists and dental experts will regularly tell you to keep off from eating certain foods. Eating these foods like Garlic or Raw Onion can fill your mouth with bad odor. These foods, when consumed and excreted out by your lungs, can cause Halitosis. Try to avoid acids and sugars in your diet as they increase the bacteria production levels in your mouth leading to bad smell. Instead try to include foods that increase saliva flow like Brown Rice, Fruits and Proteins such as Nuts, Seeds, and Fish which are highly recommended as home remedies for bad breath removal.

Clean Your tongue after Every Meal

Having a clean tongue can reduce the Halitosis-causing compounds by large numbers. These compounds are usually formed on your tongue and mouth when the amino acids combine with bacteria to emit a very unpleasant Sulphur-like smell from your mouth. Cleaning your tongue after every meal goes a long way to get rid of the Halitosis-causing compounds and making your mouth bad breath free. You can also a number of mouthwashes including the Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield which is rated as the best mouthwash for bad breath by experts.

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