How to Cure Halitosis – 6 Effective Herbs to Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the biggest curses to mankind. Be it a man or a woman, it’s a matter of big embarrassment and shame if you have got the problem of bad breath. Now anyone can have bad breath on rare days which is quite normal. But there are many who suffer from chronic bad breath. The technical term given to chronic bad breath is Halitosis. Halitosis can be a big problem if not cured upon. It can affect your social life, put you in embarrassing situations and even hurt your confidence. Although there are many medicines and other types of treatment available for Halitosis cure, but we believe that it can be cured naturally and that too at home. Yes, you read that right. So there is absolutely no need to waste your money on expensive treatments. Just read along and we will tell you about the best Halitosis home remedies for permanent relief.How to Cure Halitosis

Causes of Halitosis

Now before we start with the cure, let us know the cause. So what causes Halitosis? The primary cause of Halitosis or bad breath is an accumulation of bad bacteria in your mouth. Whenever you eat something, bacteria feed upon the remains of it and hence cause Halitosis. The bacteria causes inflammation and that causes noxious odors and smells, or gasses, or even worse than that.

How to Cure Halitosis?

Halitosis is certainly treatable with just a little effort. Due to the advancement of Medical Sciences, various ways and cures have been found for Halitosis. From using Electric brushes to flossing every day and from keeping a check on your diet to avoid chewing tobacco products, there are multiple ways of curing Halitosis. But there are some natural ways as well and they are certainly more beneficial in the longer term as they help in the treatment of bad breath permanently rather than being just a temporary cure. There are a number of herbs which are the perfect cure for Halitosis. So let us take a brief look at the Halitosis home remedies.


Peppermint is one of the best home remedies and one of the natural cure for Halitosis. Peppermint consists of essential oils which don’t just give a clean and fresh feeling in your mouth, but it also effectively fights against the bacteria which are the primary reason for Halitosis. It removes the bacteria and also ensures that they do not return for a good period of time. It has been scientifically proven in a research that a chemical rinse produced in a lab is way less effective than Peppermint when it comes to treatment for Halitosis.


A little less known, but a significantly effective cure for Halitosis, Sage is a great herb to have at your home. Sage is a healing herb and has been used in various parts of the world as a cure for various problems. But it has wonderful effects in treating bad breath and is now getting large acceptance for its properties in healing. Organisms such as Candida albicans, Streptococcus mutants, and Porphyromonas gingivitis are known to be the primary causes of Halitosis. Sage works to remove these and give long-lasting freshness to your mouth.


Clove is a widely renowned herb which is used as a chronic Halitosis cure. Most people are already aware of the great qualities of this herb. It is considered that causes of Halitosis are due to the stagnation of Qi. But Clove is a herb which encourages Qi flow and hence reduces bad breath. Besides this, even the mouth rinses being produced these days are also using cloves as a major component due to its bacteria fighting abilities. Hence it can be said without doubt that Clove is one of the best herbs for bad breath.


Eucalyptus is another widely renowned herb for its medicinal properties. Besides being used as a natural remedy for various problems, eucalyptus also provides a fine Halitosis treatment. It works in making your mouth fresh and Halitosis treatment by reducing the volatile sulfur compounds. These sulfur compounds are the ones which wretch your breath. The eucalyptus herbs work upon it to remove your mouth malodor and hence freeing you up from Halitosis. Plus that the fact that it is more easily available than many other herbs also makes it stand apart.

Pine Needle Leaves

The resins, as well as the oils which are derived from the Pine tree and its leaves, have historical significance as these are used for making a wide variety of medicines. One of those therapies is for the treatment of Halitosis. Terpene alcohols come naturally with Pine. These minerals are really capable and are the potentially cleansing agents as well as the toxins which can prove to be fatally harmful to the bad microorganisms. It has been found in by researchers that the pine oils also offer a lot of powerful antioxidant properties which can provide a fresh feel to your mouth and prove a good bad breath solution.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree is one of the biggest toxins to the harmful smell causing bacteria. It is widely renowned and accepted throughout the world for the healing properties which it possesses. The tea tree and the oil derived from it consists of essential minerals which can even fight harmful and prime bad breath causing bacteria known as Candida. It has also been found in various researches that Tea Tree is more effective in eliminating harmful bacterias than even the chemical chlorhexidine, which according to science fights bad breath in a great way. Besides this, in one more study, it was found that Solobacterium moorei, the bacteria associated with causes of Halitosis, was easily removed with Tea Tree than with various other herbs or chemicals.

How to Treat Halitosis besides Natural Ways?

As mentioned above, although natural herbs are a great way of curing Halitosis, but there are various other ways besides those as well to help you cure your bad breath problems. To begin with, you must have a sound knowledge of dental hygiene and oral care. You should definitely brush your teeth twice a day and floss them regularly as well. You should try and stay away from products like alcohol and tobacco as they give rise to major bacteria. Foods such as onions and garlic can exaggerate bad breath and hence should be avoided. You should rinse your mouth with any rinse which can be easily bought from any medical store. You should also clean your tongue as bacteria can grow on your tongue as well.

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