Top 5 Lower Back Workouts to get Rid of Lower Back Pain

As we all know, exercising at least 20 minutes a day is one of the best ways to stay away from various diseases and body problems. But for many, it still remains a fact to be known that doing a specific set of exercise can provide the reprieve from various body pains. One of the worst pains in the body from which a large chunk of the overall population suffers is the pain of the lower back. It can even become deadly if not looked upon at an initial stage. Many people visit various doctors and take pills to relieve themselves from the pain. But this pain can be cured at home itself just by doing various lower back workouts.

Top 5 Lower Back Workouts Ideas

These are a specific set of exercises which are specifically designed keeping in mind the lower back area of the human body. Doing these exercises reflexes the back muscles and provides suitable pressure to remove the stiffness which causes pain. Down below we have shortlisted some of the best lower back workout ideas for home to help you get freedom from your lower back pain. So take a look at these exercises and get ready to do lower back workouts from your homes itself.

Leg Up The Wall Exercise to get rid of lower back painExercise 1 – Leg Up The Wall

To do this exercise, you need to lie down straight on any flat surface keeping your buttocks close to a wall. Then raise both of your legs and put them against the wall. You will feel the stretch on your back. Now hold this position for about 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat it as many times as you can with minimum reps being 5. This is one of the simplest exercises and a great lower back workout which relieves you from back pain by stretching the muscles and keeping them moving.

Both Knees to Chest ExerciseExercise 2 – Both Knees to Chest

This is another simple exercise and a wonderful lower back workout for men to help them resolve their back troubles. To do this exercise, you need to lie down flat on ant flat surface. Thereafter, you need to bend your knees and then slowly bring them closer to your chest. You should try to bring the knees closer until you feel a stretch in your hip area. You can put your arms around your knees to maintain the posture. Keep on holding this position for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat thereafter. This will stretch your back muscles back and forth and will allow flexibility, a lack of which becomes the primary reason for back pain.

The Camel and Cat Stretch ExerciseExercise 3 – The Camel and Cat Stretch

This is one of the proven exercises and a wonderful lower back pain workout to fight lower back pain. It specifically targets the back area and puts positive pressure on the lower back which reduces spasms and tension in the muscles. To do this lower back workout at home and get in position for this exercise, you need to get on your hand and knees and let your stomach sag. In the process, make sure that allow your back to curve down. Now hold on this position for about 30 seconds and then arch the backup and hold for another 30 seconds. Easy, simple, yet effective on the back!

Stone in Groin StretchExercise 4 – Stone in Groin Stretch

This is a bit complicated exercise but is suggested by various medical practitioners to be one of the most effective exercises for the lower back area. To perform this lower back workout at home, you need to put your forearms on the floor and kneel down. Your feet should be pointed on opposite sides. Now lower your hips until you feel a stretch and some pressure on your back. This will remove the tension in the muscles and keep them flexible. You need to hold the stretched position for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat this 45 times a day. You can also slowly rock back and forth in order to increase the range and effectiveness of the stretch.

The Founder to Forward FoldExercise 5 – The Founder to Forward Fold

This is basically a yoga exercise with one of the best effects on the lower back pain. It can be done without any lower back workout machine. It stretches, contracts, bends, and literally shakes up the muscles to make them as flexible as they can be and hence free from possible tensions and pains. To get started with this exercise, you need to stick out your booty backward. Stretch your arms upwards and join them. This is called the full founder and it puts a good amount of positive pressure on your lower back hence keeping it fit and relaxed.

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