Top 8 Natural Ways to Reduce Weight for Women: Weight Loss Tips for Women

Weight gain and loss can be a topic of extreme concern and trouble for women with a level of weight above the desirable levels. Shedding off those extra kilos may seem a lucrative option in favor of the health benefits it yields and a physique that is greedily coveted by most. Weight loss in a woman can be a hard to achieve the goal with many women going to extremes to get rid of the extra flab from their bodies. While there is an ample number of ways to lose weight, actually committing oneself to a religious weight loss routine might be hard for most of the women. Believe it or not, there is a great deal of divergence in the way a man’s body works as compared to a woman’s. Women’s body react differently to weight loss efforts, diet and exercises. So, we have come up with the best weight loss tips for women in this article.Weight Loss Tips for Women

What is Stopping you from Losing Weight – Reasons for Weight Gain

The part reason why you may find it hard to lose weight is because the body of a woman is designed to hold on to certain fats. Other than this certain habits and lifestyle traps are responsible for this such as:

  • Uncontrolled Eating: An effective part of any weight loss regime is to watch out on your portion sizes if you have a healthy appetite. Most women indulge in overeating and lose control over their portion sizes when they are stressed or tired.
  • Medicines: The pills that you are consuming presently are to blame for your weight gain. This includes steroids as well.
  • Genetics: If your mother gained too much weight while she was carrying you, you will face weight loss struggles.
  • Failing to Exercise: Most women fail to get the adequate amount of exercises or lack in proper weight management related exercises. It is necessary to indulge in strength training that builds the muscle tissue.
  • Skipping Breakfast: Your fat burning metabolism needs a push the same way a car needs fuel to run. Most women fail to realize the importance of a healthy diet program at regular intervals.
  • Drinking Alcohol: Habitual alcohol consumption, even in moderate volumes can have an adverse effect on your health, surging the intake of calories in the body.

How to Lose Weight – Different Methods to Lose Weight

Whatever age that you are at right now, excessive weight can be a problem for you, both physically and mentally. If you are among few of those women who are determined and aimed at achieving a viable loss in your weight, then you can consider either, or a combination, of various techniques that can prove useful in achieving your targeted aim. Specially designed weight loss meal plans for women, healthy weight loss supplements for women, weight Loss Programs for Women and weight loss tips and tricks can be adopted on a routine basis to shift the pace of your current lifestyle to a healthier track.

Best Weight Loss Program for Women

Healthy weight loss demands not only a boost in your physical activity but also a change in your eating pattern. Many women fail to understand the importance of a healthy diet in their routine. Exhaustive and long workout sessions reveal no significant results because of an analogous change in the diet of the person. If you want to change your diet and devote yourself to a much healthier lifestyle, then consult a popular and experienced dietitian in your city, who can suggest the best weight loss programs to you, completely tailored as per your requirement and schedule.

Such dietitians are experts at devising best weight loss program for a woman over 40, where diet plays a greater role in shaping the figure of your weight. By devising quick weight loss diet for you, the dietitian aims to reduce your weight to a certain extent in a stipulated time period. Such diet plans can be extremely beneficial for your health as they will not only involve you with a regularized eating pattern but also affect your weight loss plan in a positive manner.

Weight Loss Supplements for Women – Best Supplements to Reduce Weight

There are certain healthy weight loss supplements that can be included by you in your daily routine to achieve an accelerated pace of weight loss. It all comes down to eating a healthy combination of foods. There are some specific vitamins and nutrients that can shift your body from fat storage mode to fat melting mode. They specifically signal your body to burn more calories and waste them as heat.

  • Vitamin D: This vitamin ensures that body cells respond to the insulin secreted by your pancreas and helps get glucose into your body cells, which is transformed into energy. The more sensitive that your cells are to insulin, the better for your weight loss regime. If your body is low on this vitamin, the levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH) will increase and lead to fat cells converting the sugars into fat and storing them in the body.
  • Calcium: Vitamin D and calcium work in tandem to help you shed off fat. Calcium is stored in the fat cells of our body so the more calcium that a cell has, the greater fat it will release to burn.
  • Protein: Protein helps in keeping a check at your body composition, that is, the amount of fat relative to the muscle. Your hunger is kept at bay frequently because of protein. It preserves the muscle mass in the body in order to lead to weight loss.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Omega 3 switches on enzymes in the body that in turn trigger fat burning cells. It improves leptin signalling to the brain which causes the brain to turn up fat burning and turns down your appetite. It is perfect to boost your mood which can reduce emotional eating. Fishes, nuts and seeds are the best source of this essential oil.
  • Polyphenols: Found in abundance in green tea, polyphenols boost up the metabolic rate intensely. This helps the body to burn more body fat. It can block weight gain as the body cells heat up as the cells waste more calories.

Top 8 Natural Home Remedies to Lose Weight – How to Reduce Weight Naturally?

Home remedies are the best way to achieving your weight loss target if you wish to stay clear of pills and chemical supplements. With zero side effects, these remedies can do no harm to your body.

  1. Honey and Ginger Juice: Taking this mixture two times a day can be great for your body. With high fructose content, honey works as a fuel for the liver to produce glucose which in turn signals the release of fat burning hormones. Ginger works to reduce untimely cravings for unhealthy foods. It also raises the temperature of the body and boosts the metabolism aiding quick weight loss.
  2. Honey and Cinnamon: Cinnamon is great for stabilizing blood pressure and improves the function of insulin. It is excellent for detoxifying the body. For those suffering from insulin resistance, it also helps fight the symptoms and helps the shedding off of the weight.
  3. Jujube or Indian Plum Leaves: The plum leaves are famous for their ability to cut down fat in the body. In only a month’s time, regular consumption of these leaves on an empty stomach can yield fantastic results.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar Water: Similar to lemon, apple cider vinegar is included in the diet to aid weight loss. It is a rich source of pectin. This fiber improves your appetite, making you feel full for longer periods. It has the effect of breaking down fat cells in the body and helps in keeping the metabolism running at a fast pace.
  5. Sage Tea: This herb is excellent for weight loss and the best in terms of natural home remedies for weight loss. The function of this herb is to control the effects of stress in our bodies. When we are under constant stress, our bodies release a steroid hormone called cortisol that has a major effect on our blood sugar level and appetite. Inculcating this tea once in the routine every day can have a significant effect on these hormones and control the weight in the body.
  6. Ginseng: Ginseng is yet another herb that contains a compound called ginsenoside which prevents the cells from completing the fat storage process. As a result, the herb has a vastly positive effect on people suffering from diabetes and obesity. It is best consumed with tea with lemon or honey.
  7. Hot Water Remedy: Switching over to hot water consumption on a daily basis can have a positive effect on your weight loss regime. It has the effect of flushing out fats from the body vessels. After taking a heavy meal, make it a routine to consume a glass of hot water, but not immediately after your meals.
  8. Green Tea: The compounds and supplements found in green tea are excellent for weight loss. It limits fat absorption in the body and fights weight gain and obesity. Green tea is loaded with essential minerals that help in the maintenance of overall health.

Final Words

Weight loss may be a long process but a healthy lifestyle is a lifetime process. These tips are necessary for you to include in your daily routine, not only to lose extra kilos but also to maintain your health.

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