How Pregnant Woman Can Stay Healthy – Top 5 Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that time for a woman where she experiences a vast array of changes in herself, both physical and emotional. Sometimes it is hard to cope with so many changes all at once. While there is not much that can be done about the emotional and hormonal changes taking place in you, there is always an option to keep yourself healthy physically, which might have a positive impact on your emotional well-being too. Maintaining a regular exercise regime throughout your pregnancy can help you feel better and at your best. Regular exercising can greatly aid in alleviating back pain during pregnancy and lower back pain in early pregnancy. So here, we have come up with safe exercises during pregnancy advised for a pregnant woman.

Different kinds of Ball Exercises during Pregnancy
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Can I exercise while pregnant?

Even if you have never really followed an exercise regime on a regular basis before your pregnancy, it is completely safe for you to start doing so while you are pregnant. The only thing to be kept in mind is that an extra consultation with your doctor might be a good option so that she can tell you the exact exercises that are suitable for you.

Exercising during pregnancy must be avoided by women who have a medical condition such as asthma, heart disease, or diabetes. You must get yourself examined to detect certain pregnancy relates issues such as bleeding and spotting, low placenta, threatened or recurrent miscarriage, history of early labor or a weak cervix. In such cases, exercising can deteriorate your condition further and cause complications. It is best to have a word with your gynecologist before following any exercise regime.

You might notice a brown discharge in early pregnancy. This discharge is very similar to a normal period but is very light. More than 20% women face this condition and it absolutely common to take place. There are many causes of this discharge such as menstrual hormones, embedding of fertilized egg in the uterus lining, irritation of the cervix, cervical polyp, vaginal infection or if you have conceived through IVF or similar fertilization methods. Exercising has no relation to this howsoever, so it should not hold you back from exercising when you are completely normal.

Benefits of Exercising during Pregnancy

Exercising during your pregnancy period can have positive effects on your health and keep you active. Majorly, exercises help in improving your muscle tone, strength, and endurance that makes all the difference. It helps you adapt more positively to the changes taking place in your body owing to pregnancy. You stand to gain these benefits with regular and proper exercises:

  • Help in adjusting to the weight gained during pregnancy
  • Prepares you for the physical trauma of childbirth and labor pain
  • Improves your emotional aura and keeps your mood good
  • Induces better sleeping pattern
  • Helps in regaining body shape post child birth

Safe Exercises during Pregnancy – Top 5 Best Exercises for Pregnant Woman

As long as you are performing an exercise in moderation and with caution, quite a few numbers of exercises are good for pregnancy period. Ideally, a three day routine per week of safe exercises for pregnancy will yield the desired benefits. Exercising while pregnant will keep your heart rate running at a normal pace without causing exertion. A pregnancy exercise plan can be formulated by you that you like so that you will stick to following it religiously on a routine basis. Among the best exercise for pregnant women are:

  • Walking: Brisk walking is the best workout without pushing yourself over the edge. It keeps your heart rate working without causing any discomfort to your knees, ankles or legs. A walk of 30 minutes per day is sufficient to work out for a day.
  • Aerobics: Aerobics give you the chance to engage in a routine exercise and is completely safe as long as you do not over exert yourself. Remember to keep them low impact without affecting your joints.
  • Swimming: Swimming is yet another safe exercise for pregnancy period. It has the added fun of more enjoyment of feeling weightless as your baby bump keeps getting rounder. It gives a good work out to your arms, legs and keeps your heart space healthy.
  • Ball Exercises during Pregnancy: Ball exercises are excellent means of exercising at the comfort of your home. It improves your balance and posture and works the muscles in your tummy. These exercises are beneficial for changing the position of the baby and preparing you for labor.
  • Yoga for Pregnancy: Yoga while pregnant helps to maintain muscle tone and improves your posture ten folds. Yoga is an age-old technique of maintaining health and even yoga exercises during pregnancy can have a greatly positive impact on your body. You can join pregnancy yoga classes to get the best training for pregnancy period where trained coaches will guide you to do proper yoga.
Recommended Food for Pregnant Woman

Besides following a routine of exercising, include special pregnancy foods in your pregnancy fitness plan that will help you keep your pregnancy in check and healthy. Following are some foods to eat during pregnancy:

  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Whole grains
  • Walnuts
  • Dark green and leafy vegetables
  • Fruits
Final Words

You can join pregnancy fitness classes where experienced and trained coaches will give the best pregnancy tips and information related to your pregnancy and under their supervision you will get the best and most healthy fitness plans.

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