12 Powerful Yoga Asanas to Get Rid of Belly Fat: Remove Those Extra Pounds

Belly fat is the most common fat you will ever notice first on your body. The reason is because this fat is the first to crop up on your body. For starters, people can easily gain fat on their belly area but it is also the most difficult area if you want to remove the excess fat on it. There are many reasons to gain those extra kilos on your stomach. Lots of junk food, unhealthy eating habits, and regular drinking are few of such reasons which contribute to growing waistline. Maintaining your body shape is difficult due to an improper diet but a few practice exercises can keep you in shape.

Fabulous Yoga Asanas to reduce the Belly Fat

Taking regular Yoga sessions early morning is one of the easiest ways to remove those excess kilos. Here are the top 12 Yoga Asanas which are powerful enough to help you fight that stubborn belly fat:

Downward facing Dog Pose

Downward Dog Yoga PoseProbably, the best Yoga Asana to shed those extra kilos is the downward facing dog pose. To do the pose correctly, lie down on a Yoga mat kept on the floor. Slowing and steadily lift the middle portion of your body to come to rest on all four of your hands and toes. Also, try to bring your hands and legs close to each other when you are lifting your torso up to find yourself in a mountain-like pose. Try to hold the posture for a while before letting go. You will feel the compression in your stomach muscles. This Yoga Asana is helpful for relieving stress and pain, increase bone density and blood circulation to all parts of the body.

Hand Under Foot Pose

Hand Under Foot Yoga PoseIn order to correctly master the pose, exhale and slowly take a deep breath. Stand straight up and try to bend your upper body slowly downwards until you are able to put your hands underneath your toes. Try to keep your nose as close to your knees as you could and hold the pose for a few seconds. You will soon find yourself in pain as the pose exerts too much pressure on your stomach. This Yoga Asana is perfect for helping you in digestion. It also relieves stress and exhaustion beside also being good for getting beautiful stronger hairs.

Chair Pose

Chair Pose for YogaOne of the toughest Yoga Asana to master is the Chair Pose. Stand up straight on the Yoga mat or the floor and try to bend both of your knees together. Keep your hands’ straights in the forward direction at your shoulder level. Try to keep still for a while in a pose resembling to the situation when you are sitting on a chair. This Yoga Asana is very powerful and helps you to tone the thigh and calf muscles of your body. Also, it helps to strengthen the heart, diaphragm, and other abdominal organs.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

Seated Forward Bend Pose for YogaSit down on the Yoga Mat or the floor and spread your legs in the forward direction. With a deep breath in, try to bend forward to touch your toes with your fingers. Try to keep your head as close as to your knees for as long as you can hold the pose together. This Asana helps to reduce fat on the back portion of your body. For females, it helps to improve menstrual cycles while also helping digestion and constipation disorders.

Gas Releasing Pose

Gas Releasing Pose for YogaLie down on your Yoga mat and try to fold one of your knees. Lock your arms around the knees and bring the knee closer to your chest. Tilt your head a little forward so that you can touch your knee with the nose. Relax and follow the same pose with the other leg. It is useful to remove excess fat and helps in eliminating excess gas from your stomach also.

Boat Pose

Boat Pose for YogaLie down on your back on the Yoga Mat or the floor. Try to raise your legs and hands in the same direction. Try to sit on your back side with your hands and legs in parallel to each other while being lifted from the ground. Hold the pose for a couple of seconds before letting it go. You can feel your stomach tremble while holding the pose. This exercise is useful for people suffering from hernia and can really help to tone your body.

Warrior Pose I

Warrior Pose I for YogaStand straight on the ground. Plant one off your legs forward and bend it at your knee. Stretch your hands above your head and join them together. Try to keep your head looking upwards. Hold the pose for a moment before doing the same with the other leg. This pose is useful to stretch your legs and arms alternatively and helps to promote blood circulation in your body.

Warrior Pose II

Warrior Pose II for YogaThis pose is an extension of the previous pose. Try to stretch your lower body as you did in the previous pose. Instead of stretching hands upwards, this time, stretch your hands sideways in the opposite direction at shoulder level. Hold the structure for a while before trying with the other leg. You will find it helpful to increase your stretch-ability and flexibility with the pose beside energizing the body.

Bow Pose

Bow Pose for Yoga - DhanurasanaLie on the Yoga mat on your stomach. Arc your hands and legs backward and stretch your body so that you can hold your toes with your hands. Try to stretch yourself as much as you can. You would feel an incredible amount of stretch around your abdominal muscles. This Yoga Asana can help to cure kidney problems, toning legs and arms, improving flexibility besides helping to battle discomfort during menstrual periods.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose for YogaLie yourself down on the mat in a relax position. Keep your hands to your side such that your palm touches the mat. Slowly lift your lower body while keeping your whole feet on the ground. Keep holding the pose for a moment before releasing it. The Bridge Pose helps to stretch your torso, chest, neck and spine at the same time. It also helps to relax sore legs besides helping in digestion.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose YogaLie down on your stomach on the Yoga mat and place your hands beside your shoulder. Push yourself up so that your body makes an arc. Try to keep your lower body still on the ground and stretch your upper body as back as you can. Also, lift your head to look upwards. The Cobra Pose is helpful to increase blood circulation in your body besides improving the flexibility of your back and spine. It also helps to tone your neck and shoulders.

Camel Pose

Camel Pose for YogaOne of the most difficult Yoga Asanas is the Camel Pose but it is one of the useful also. Stand on your knees on the yoga mat and try to bend backward. Try to hold your heels with your hands and with the support of your hands stretch your torso and chest. Try to keep your neck muscles also stretched as much as you can and hold the pose for a moment. The Camel Pose is useful in the opening you’re your chest muscles, improving flexibility, stretching your lower body and reducing chunks of fat on your thigh region.

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