Top 10 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Eatables Pregnant Women Should Not Eat

Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive phases a woman goes through in her life. One thing every expecting mother must know is the foods to avoid during pregnancy. It is what you eat that matters the most during the whole tenure. It not only affects you but also your baby. So it is your responsibility to take care of both of you.Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

10 Food to Avoid during Pregnancy: Exclude them from your Meal

Below are some foods all pregnant women should avoid to maintain better health. These food items must seek a place in your essential pregnancy to do list so that you can avoid them. This list of items also acts as a food guide for pregnant women so you must follow it if you are expecting your baby anytime soon.


Some of the cheese varieties such as brie, feta, camembert, etc. should be avoided during the time of pregnancy. Results can be as fatal as miscarriage, premature birth or even birth defects. If you want to consume cheese, eat the ones which are made up of pasteurized milk. Cheddar and Swiss cheese can be safely on your pregnancy food list.


Pregnant women should avoid raw or uncooked eggs as they contain listeria bacteria. Raw eggs increase the chances of Salmonella bacteria which causes vomiting and diarrhea. Eggs should be cooked well until the yolks turn solid. Deserts such as cakes, chocolate mousse, etc contain raw eggs and must be avoided as per a food guide for pregnant woman which you must definitely follow.


If you are expecting a baby or trying to get pregnant, make sure to avoid papaya. It contains latex like substance which usually leads to contractions in the uterus and thus makes the process difficult. You must try and avoid unripe papayas the most. They can be unpleasant during pregnancy. This is among the useful pregnancy food tips that most people overlook.

Unpasteurized Milk

Milk provides you with calcium, proteins and minerals which are good for health. However, one must avoid unpasteurized milk or dairy products which have the chances of increasing food poison. Some of the optional non-dairy milks are rice milk, oat milk and almond milk which is safer and contain the same nutrients. You must definitely keep it in your pregnancy food list which will help you in avoiding it.


Non-vegetarian eaters crave meat and it is difficult to live without it for a long duration. However, pregnant women must see to it that they are not eating undercooked meat or any poultry items as such. The major reason why it must be avoided is because it contains listeria bacteria. Almost all the pregnancy food tips you will see will ask you to avoid meat as far as possible.


Excessive intake of caffeine must be strictly avoided during pregnancy as it increases the risk of miscarriage or having a baby with low birth weight. Pregnant woman should limit the intake of caffeine maximum up to 200mL or 2 mugs of coffee a day. If you look up any of the major pregnancy food chart, you will find caffeine to be at the top of foods to be avoided during pregnancy.


As fishes are living creatures that eat their own food, once they die and are ready for consumption, there are usually parasites and bacteria on them. Thus during the time of your pregnancy try and avoid fishes as it would not do you good. If you still want to have fish, then make sure to cook it up to 145 degree Fahrenheit before consuming it which will kill all the bacteria and parasites. It stands high on the list of foods all pregnant women should avoid.


Many women have the habit of eating sausages in their meals. But during the time of your pregnancy, it is always better to avoid sausages especially those which are dry. It contains Listeria and is not good for either you or your baby. If you have a look at the pregnancy food chart, you will see it listed under the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Allergic Nuts

Although some nuts provide you with good vitamins and essential nutrients, there are some nuts of which you can be allergic to. They should be in your list of pregnancy food to avoid. Nuts such as cashews and peanuts can cause skin allergies and rashes in your body. A pregnant woman must definitely not go through all this and take complete care of her.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is usually consumed for health benefits but during pregnancy it is among the pregnancy food to avoid. Some of the herbs like Senna, wormwood, saw palmetto that must be specially avoided even if you choose to consume herbal tea. But it is always better to negate any risk when your baby’s health is on the line. Even a small negligence can lead to something which you would definitely not want for your baby.

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